TLC offers comprehensive assessments for behavioral health to identify individual needs and guide treatment options. Walk-in assessments are available at the Hamilton and Middletown locations and via telehealth.

Please call 513-863-6383 for a Telehealth Assessment.

Walk-In Hours are available from 8:00 am to 12:30 PM Monday through Friday, at 2052 Princeton Rd. Hamilton Ohio 45011. You may also call and schedule an appointment if you prefer.

Case Management services address individual needs to help improve functioning and reach personal goals to live successfully in the community. Case management activities may include ongoing assessment of needs, assistance in managing basic needs, development of daily living skills, coordination of services, assistance with accessing support systems, linkages to community services and supports, symptom monitoring, education and training and behavioral interventions.

Services are provided in-person, by phone or via telehealth.

Counseling services are designed to address a variety of mental health and/or addiction challenges which may interfere with a person’s ability to effectively function at home, school or in the community. This includes but is not limited to: situational stressors, family relationships, interpersonal relationships, mental health challenges, and psychiatric and substance use disorders. Individuals seeking services meet with a licensed counselor to develop a treatment plan to develop and enhance skills to manage symptoms and achieve identified personal goals. The treatment approach is individualized to each person’s needs.

Individual, group and family counseling and psychotherapy is available in-person at Hamilton and Middletown locations or via telehealth.

Psychiatric Services are designed to support individuals to enhance quality of life, reduce symptoms, and restore or improve functioning. Medical providers evaluate and prescribe medication based on the individual needs of each patient to address mental health concerns. Nursing staff assist in providing education, support and coordination of care.

Services are available in-person at Hamilton and Middletown locations or via telehealth.

The PATH Program (Projects for Assistance in Transition from Homelessness) provides outreach and engagement to individuals who are homeless or at high risk of becoming homeless who have mental health needs. The PATH Program provides education on available services and resources in the community and works to connect individuals. They help link to food pantries, job assistance, education assistance, housing opportunities and medical resources. Referrals to PATH can come from anyone.

The Outreach Program is designed to enhance quality of life, reduce symptoms, build resilience, restore or improve functioning, and support the integration of these persons served into the community. The services are focused at building relationships with individuals and assisting them with getting needed services and supports to address their mental health and substance abuse needs.

The Court Outreach program is designed to support the recovery of individuals in the community who have severe and persistent mental health needs who have been charged with misdemeanor crimes. Individuals are referred to the program through judges, family members, attorneys, probation departments, and police departments. This program works in partnership with the Hamilton Municipal Mental Health Court and Fairfield Municipal Treatment Alternative Court, as well as other local courts.

Community Outreach efforts also occur throughout other neighboring counties in Ohio to seek out those in the community who are in need of mental health or substance abuse treatment, and to assist in linkage to those and other needed services.

The Employment Success Program is a collaborative partnership with Butler County Job and Family Services and multiple local agencies with the purpose of removing barriers to employment and helping individuals achieve meaningful employment. Our service coordinators work with individuals to make connections to services to address mental health and substance use treatment needs. Service Coordinators also assist with navigating community systems, help to get basic needs met and assist in educational or vocational needs.

The Mental Health Forensic Team provides a variety of mental health supports to inmates and corrections personnel as indicated or requested in the Butler County Jail. These services are primarily prevention education, consultation, crisis intervention and linkage services. Inmates who present with overt problematic or concerning symptoms, histories of mental illness and/or behavioral challenges, active or recent suicidal or homicidal ideation or actions, are referred to the Mental Health Forensic Team for further crisis assessment and mental health support services within the jail.

This program works in partnership with the Butler County Sheriff’s Department.

Residential mental health services are 24/7 and available to those individuals with mental health needs, which severely impact their ability to live and function independently in the community. The goal of residential treatment is to stabilize functioning, reduce symptoms, and improve independent living skills. Residents participate in daily living and social activities to support independence and a healthy lifestyle. Staff monitor resident medications and observe changes in behavior or symptoms. Residents participate in other services to support their mental health needs such as case management, individual and group counseling and therapeutic behavioral supports.


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